Nate Green

Prior to the leap of faith in launching Solutions Group Accounting Firm in 2008, Nate Green was a law enforcement officer which for four years he had a blast running with the SWAT Team, Special Ops teams and handling all types of interesting situations. His original plan was to work in law enforcement, retire, and spend his retirement launching an Accounting Firm and creating an impact in the financial industries.

Instead, he retired from the police force after four years and promptly pursued his dream of launching a people-first focused accounting firm, which over the last 15 years has grown to become an award winning business. Solutions Group Accounting Firm Inc has been on the Inc. 5000 for 3 Years in a row as of 2023 and still growing to provide a greater impact.

Nate’s passion is focused on impacting the entrepreneur community and provide proactive services to keep the stress off of business owners and mitigate their tax burdens.

The knowledge built during Nate’s time as a law enforcement officer as well as the extensive experience dealing with IRS and State Tax Audits, he is well equipped and aggressively ready to take on challenging anything that you may face as a client of our firm. Nate is well equipped with a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in business with a focus in Accounting as well as multiple financial licenses that give him widespread knowledge and skillsets.

When Nate is not taking the IRS Bull by the horns, growing the Firm, and developing new ways to create impact for our clients, He is offshore fishing, traveling and exploring the world with his wife, Ashley, and kids, Caleb & Angel. His extensive traveling has given him a broader view of the world, making it easier for him to relate to the unique concerns of clients who live and work outside Florida and outside the United States.

As you will find out with working with Nate and our firm, we are not your average nerds, we actually enjoy talking to people, laughing and having fun.