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Over the past 15 years we have served countless entrepreneurs like you, giving them the care they need to find peace of mind while enjoying the benefits of our proactive tax planning, streamlined accounting, bookkeeping and tax services. Our services are developed to take a more hands on approach to assist proactive minded clients to stay on top of bookkeeping, payroll, taxes and more. You can count on personalized and detail-oriented accounting services with a client focused team.

Our Firm’s focus isn’t for every entrepreneur or business owner, but rather specifically for those that are dedicated to a more proactive approach to their tax mitigation strategies, tax savings techniques, scaling and growing of their companies, managing their financials and other arenas.

As a client of our firm you will have services provided to you that are driven for long term impact and a dedication toward getting you the best results. If you are a client of our firm and not getting the best results within your accounting and tax then it means you have not taken our advice and have not utilized us for our best skillsets, our proactive planning and guidance. Our firm proactively works to inform and educate our clients about our services that are available.

Solution Group dedicates time to help business owners like you avoid extra costs, unnecessary taxation and fees. Our goal is to give you peace of mind and a clear understanding and services that can help proactively provided freedom of time, sanity from tax stress and tax strategies to keep money in your pocket.

Giving you the support you need

Your business and financial success is the end goal for Solutions Group Accounting Firm. We are truly passionate about having an impact with entrepreneurs and business owners across a wide array of industries. We accomplish this by building strong relationships with our clients, keeping on top of regulation changes, and providing a cost-effective, scalable service that remains affordable as our clients’ businesses grow.

We began our mission in 2008 and today enjoy strong relationships with our clients throughout the United States and all around the world. Harness the freedom of doing what you enjoy, and let us handle the accounting & financial stress for you!

Stop accepting the lack of communication, lack of planning and higher tax bills that come with having other firms handle your tax and accounting needs. Our firm will give you the attention, communication and planning you are needing to create a catalyst in your financial life.

Putting Our Knowledge and Experience to work for Your Business

Through our years of work, we have learned a lot about the unique challenges that today’s business owners face. Our in-depth understanding of accounting practices is specifically tailored to fit the needs of ambitious business professionals.

We have the team and extensive accounting background necessary to assist clients locally, throughout the US or from other areas around the world. The sooner you schedule a consultation, the faster you can move past the stress of accounting and focus on the day-to-day concerns of running a business.